Except for example = "visualizations", all examples will actually compile and fit Stan models and thus may take a while to complete.

  example = c("normal_ok", "normal_bad", "visualizations"),
  interface = c("rstan", "cmdstanr", "rjags"),
  N = 100,
  n_sims = 50


  • name of the example. normal_ok is an example where the generator matches the model (using the normal generator and normal_sd backend), while normal_bad is an example with a mismatch between the generator and backend that manifests in SBC (normal_bad combines the normal generator with normal_bad backend). visualizations creates a purely artificial results that are meant to showcase the built-in plots (the interface parameter will be ignored).


name of the interface to be used for the backend


number of datapoints to simulate from the generator for each simulation


number of simulations to perform